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Understanding Multi Clipping Path Services: A Complete Guide

Want to entice your target audience by showcasing your product’s unique features in one image? The multi clipping path service works as a game changer. With this advanced image editing technique, you can easily make a transparent background, change product colors, or edit specific parts.

As per statistics, 90% of consumers admit that product images play a vital role in their buying decisions. By utilizing these services, you get high-quality and more professional product images that can be used on different platforms and in marketing materials.

Do you want to explore its importance, reason to outsource, applications, and where you get the best multi clipping path service provider? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll demonstrate all key points. Let’s dive into it together!

What is Multi Clipping Path Service?

before after comparison of multi clipping path of a female model

Multi-clipping path or multi-layer clipping involves creating separate paths or layers for different elements within an image. It is an advanced Photoshop image editing process that requires industry experts to isolate different elements, combine colors, retouch, and more. 

Meanwhile, the multiple clipping path service refers to a specialized form of compound photo manipulation. Here, Adobe Photoshop experts use a pen tool to create several paths or “clips” to isolate multiple elements in a photo, such as furniture with multiple colors or models with pants, shirts, and other accessories. 

But what are the differences between simple or traditional and multi-layer clipping paths? To get an accurate answer, check out the next section!

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How It Differs from Traditional Clipping Path?

A simple or traditional clipping path is also known as a single-layer clipping. It requires a basic image editing technique to isolate simple shapes and edges, such as watches, chairs, cameras, etc.  

On the contrary, multiple clipping paths create two or more clipping layers in an image. Here’s a breakdown of their differences:

Notes Traditional Clipping Path Multiple Clipping Path
A traditional clipping path outlines a single, uncomplicated object with straight or slightly curved edges.
The multi-layer clipping involves isolating multiple objects or different parts of an object with intricate and detailed edges.
Editing technique
Easier to edit and requires less time due to its simplicity of path.
Time-consuming, needs individual adjustments, and attention to detail for complex image manipulation.
Quick processing and editing for its lower number of anchor points and less complex “paths.”
Powerful and handy process due to its increased number of anchor points and complex “paths.”
It uses Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator’s basic pen tools.
It required advanced skills and expert knowledge of intricate designs or different part edits.
Use cases
Suitable for basic shapes and minimal details like boxes, balls, simple furniture, and other straightforward shapes.
Suitable for multi-layers, complex shapes, and detailed features elements like jewelry, hair strands, or group of objects.

Both techniques are crucial in professional image editing. However, the difference lies in the specific requirements, object shapes, and editing techniques.

Importance of Multi-layer Clipping Path

You might notice the most-hyped sports company, Nike’s (@nike) Instagram profile, or Louis Vuitton’s trendy fashion brand (@louisvuitton). Every product image expresses its story and shows the expert photo editing touch, such as Nike Air Max, the best example of multiple clipping edits.  Multi-path is a must-have image editing technique, from product photography to eCommerce websites. Here’s why it is essential:
  1. Precision and control: This technique allows retouchers to precisely isolate complex and detailed objects in an image, like fur, hair, or fine edges. For example, Gucci, Channel, and many other top fashion brands or eCommerce platforms use it. 
  2. Enhance visual quality: The editing ensures consistent quality, fine-tuning product adjustments, professional look, and high-resolution output, which are crucial for eCommerce businesses and many other industries.
  3. Complex image manipulation: Multi-layer clipping allows for layered improvements and effects, allows designers to apply color correction effects to specific parts of an image, and more.
  4. Workflow efficiency: It enables non-destructive editing, and paths can be saved and reused for similar images or batch processing.
  5. Application versatility: It is vital for editing fashion images, beauty (makeup, hair, etc.), creating composite images, and individual adjustments (texture, brightness, etc.) of an image.
  6. Advanced compositing: It helps to maintain a uniform and professional look across multiple images and ensures the brand’s quality standards.
The multiple clipping path is a powerful tool for facilitating complex edits, enhancing visual appeal, and providing detailed control. Now, let’s discover which industries utilize these advanced image editing techniques to boost business sales!

Who needs Multiple Clipping Path Service?

As you noticed, multiple clipping path services are beneficial for online businesses, brands, and professionals who require precise editing and high-quality manipulation. Outsourcing offers flexibility, makes targeted edits, and focuses on deadlines so that you can compete with your competitors and fulfill audience demands in time.

Here, we’ve listed core businesses and individuals who need multi-layer clipping path services:

Ecommerce businesses

As per statistics, 78% of online shoppers prefer to buy products that “bring items to life.” In the highly competitive eCommerce era, product visuals play a vital role in enhancing audience buying decisions. From online retailers to top brands, they utilize this service to present their products professionally. From background removal to realistic shadow creation, making a color symphony, and other adjustments, these services are useful to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Advertising agencies

“Well-designed product pages not only speak aloud, not just list a product’s details, but demonstrate how a product can solve a customer’s problem or improve lifestyle”—Shopify. Advertising, eCommerce, or other agencies’ success indeed lies in conveying messages and engaging audiences through visuals.  The service enables them to create captivating product visuals for their campaigns and maintain each social media platform’s image file requirements. When it comes to adjusting lighting, combining different elements to form composite ones, or making a transparent background, the service is a must-have.


photographer taking pictures of products

Professional photographers frequently outsource photo editing services to enhance their images and meet clients’ satisfaction. From wedding photographers to lifestyle photographers or others, they rely on outsourcing post-processing so they can focus more on their passion and work. 

However, high-quality and professionally edited images enhance photographers’ portfolios, showcase their creative works, and encourage the audience to hire them. All they need to do is send edited images and get back at the fastest turnaround time.

Web designers

Web designers often need to edit various images to design an eCommerce website, including product photos, banners, icons, a hero image, and more. Outsourcing helps them manage this volume more professionally and allows them to focus on their creative work (i.e., user-friendly UI). 

Also, high-quality images ensure that the web images are visually appealing, and contribute to an excellent consumer experience. They can also instantly meet specific client requirements. 

Car dealers and other large-scale businesses

Modern Cars in Auto Salon

In the challenging and fast-paced automotive industry, stunning visuals are essential to attracting potential customers and creating a long-lasting impression. Detailed car photos highlight key features and unquestionable selling points of the vehicle, such as interior designs, advanced technology, safety features, and more.

For example, Tesla’s automotive photos on social media conduct a detailed vehicle inspection (body, wheel, windows, advanced features, etc.). Outsourcing allows for faster processing and ensures car listings can be updated in time.

Architecture and real estate

Outsourcing image editing helps real estate owners showcase the best properties and architectural views to the highest standards. For example, replacing dull or overcast skies with bright and clear ones enhances the exterior views. Also, professional retouchers isolate and enhance different property interior designs, such as furniture, flooring, light, and more.

High-quality architecture photography alone can’t represent the property’s best features. With the help of photo editing, you can create an emotional connection and add a unique architectural view and well-maintained landscape.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage photography plays a vital role in attracting the audience’s attention. But for an eye-catching and mouthwatering view, you need to showcase each element in the best light. 

Here, expert retouchers utilize their advanced Photoshop hacks to enhance different parts of a dish or drink, like the main ingredient, garnish, and background. All these factors are crucial to represent a fresh and appealing masterpiece. 

Now that you have a clear idea about the industry that outsources this clipping path service. Let’s check out the key reasons for outsourcing compound or multi-layer clipping path services.

Advantages of Multiple Clipping Path Service

By outsourcing multiple clipping path services, you get several benefits, such as –

1. Creative editing

By editing different parts of an image, retouchers help provide the actual and professional visuals of your products. They apply saturation, image manipulation, shadow adjustments, and other versatile editing without affecting the rest of the image’s quality.

2. Flexibility

It gives designers creative flexibility to achieve desired visual outcomes. For this, they can quickly move, resize, or modify individual elements that help consumers get a clear idea about products.

3. Boost productivity

You get high-quality, professional product images with faster turnaround times. Expert graphic designers work more efficiently by focusing on distinct elements separately rather than editing the entire image file at once.

4. Customization

By outsourcing multiple clipping path services, you can effectively meet your audience’s requirements. They also focus on maintaining the brand vision and ensuring the final output showcases the brand’s uniqueness to consumers.

5. Cost-effectiveness

When you work with a reliable photo editing company, you don’t need to worry about deadlines, product quality, or shipping delays. They can save costs by optimizing workflow perfectly so that businesses can achieve their desired goals.

Applications of Multi Clipping path Service in Various Industries

One study reported that websites with optimized images rank higher in image search results and lead to increased organic visibility. As per Online Dasher, product pages with high-quality photos attract 95% more organic traffic To reveal the secrets, here we’ve mentioned some detailed application areas below:

1. Background removal

The primary multi-layer clipping service is to cut out any unwanted parts or backgrounds of an image to create transparent ones or place them on a suitable background, i.e., a white backdrop. It is crucial to place a product on a clean and consistent backdrop suitable for eCommerce websites like Amazon or eBay product photos.

2. Color correction

Adjusting the colors of different furniture, garments, and other products gives an engaging representation for print catalogs and online stores. Consumers can easily grab their preferred items by differentiating between multiple products in an image. Also, it helps to enhance product visuals and highlight natural beauty, such as gemstones’ vibrant colors, neutral metal settings, and more.

3. Ghost mannequin effect

The editing technique allows retouchers to combine multiple images in an image to highlight the best possible product visuals, like showing the inside label, the garment’s shape, and more. Consumers get a 3D look (front, back, and inside) for apparel items that give them the confidence to add to the cart instantly. 

Note: It removes mannequins or models to represent the clothes’ perfect fit, design, fabric, and more.

4. Image manipulation

Multiple clipping paths open up creative ideas for telling a story around an image. You can also create complex compositions by combining elements like background, special effects, models, and more.

5. Photo retouching

Industry-expert photo editors can easily isolate and enhance specific parts of a portrait like hair adjustment, eye color brightening, reducing dust on electronics, and more. From portraits to professional headshots or eCommerce product photos, editing is vital in sharpening product details that build consumers trust.

6. Visual effects

Adding visual effects like glows, color overlays, burs, or others to specific parts converts the product into more eye-catching promotional materials. Utilizing dramatic effects helps create artistic visuals.

7. Shadow adjustment

Consumers rely on those brands or online businesses that provide realistic and appealing product visuals. With this advanced editing, you can meet your target audience’s demands by adding or enhancing natural shadows to products. Some brands create mirror effects or enhance reflections to add product depth and dimension.

All these application areas demonstrate the versatility and importance of multi-layer clipping path services. But as we all know, every service has its downsides, and the words go with compound clipping path. Let’s go through some core challenges of this image editing technique.

Challenges and Limitations of Multi Clipping Path Service

Despite multiple clipping path services benefits, there are also limitations and challenges, such as –

  • Editing images with hair or fuzzy edges (fuzzy blankets or teddy bears) will be challenging.
  • Also, it is wise to avoid transparent objects.  
  • Managing multiple paths in a single image is time-consuming and is a barrier for large-scale projects. 
  • Handling bulk edits will be challenging for a limited time. 
  • Inaccurate clipping paths can cause the loss of important details or parts of the image, which affects image quality. 

Are you searching for the best clipping path service provider to outsource your most complex clipping paths? To get the most renowned one, check out the next section!

Where to get Multiple Clipping Path Service?

Photo editing in a Macbook Air on Wooden Desk

At Graphic Aid, you get hand-drawn simple to multiple clipping path services. By hiring us, you get in-house industry-expert Photoshop retouchers who dedicate themselves to fulfilling your business goals.

Why do you hire us?

  • Advanced Photoshop skills: The professionals are experienced in different Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator hacks that help boost your online store growth.
  • Fast turnaround time: You can get hand-drawn bulk-edited images with natural product looks within the estimated schedule.
  • High-quality images: Our designers focus on product details and showcase products in the best possible light. From highlighting a product’s unique features to portraying a story around a product, they always maintain image quality that suits every platform.
  • Customization: Allow businesses customization to fit their client’s specific requirements and consumer demand at a reasonable price. 
  • Working experience: Our in-house expert team completed different projects and collaborated with brands. Rather than using automated software, they prefer to apply their creative ideas and industry trends.

Ready to work with Graphic Aid? Get a free trial now to see how good their editing image quality and working procedures are.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multi clipping path Service

There are three different types of clipping paths such as:

  • Basic Clipping Path: A basic or single-layer clipping path involves removing or changing the background for straight and simple edges. This editing is ideal for well-defined shapes, clear outlines, and minimal complexity. For example, books, mobile phones, boxes, etc.
  • Multiple/Compound Clipping Path: A multi-layer clipping path involves removing objects from complex shapes and multiple layers. Professional retouchers are required to segment different elements from the same image. It is used in editing neck joints, color correction, shadow removal, and other image clipping path services.
  • Complex Clipping Path: The advanced clipping paths are used when retouchers deal with a lot of edges, curves, and complex elements. For example, jewelry, shoes, or other complex accessories.


The multi-clipping path is the secret technique behind every realistic and professional product visual. From isolating to customizing individual elements in an image, it offers creative freedom and flexibility. As the technology and eCommerce industry evolves, the demand for multi-clipping path services is rising.

So, what are you waiting for? Outsource multi-layer clipping paths today to increase conversion rates and boost sales!

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