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Graphic Aid behave ethically to their employees as well as their families. We also contribute our economic development through the local community as well as society at large. All the circumstances around the world we are Bangladeshi parts of Graphic Aid always standing beside of any kind natural disaster. Graphic Aid is the place of color full and cultural life. We feel it is critical to be a basic piece of the neighborhood networks where we live and work. Hence we try to build up an immediate commitment with the network to realize positive changes, since we trust that together we can make considerable effect on the lives and living space around us

Free Graphics Design training

We are very proud to be the part of minimizing unemployment through our free Graphic Designing training every January and June in the year. After completion the training session for 3 months we employment 80% of trainee people. We also pay some money and food in the training session. After starting this training at 2013 we employed 20 employees where they are doing very good in the practical works.

Help for rohingya

Rohingya issue is the world known criticism now. We the part of Bangladeshi , Graphic Aid was contributed their financial percentage for Rohingya’s help. We gave 200K taka to the government helping fund with some dry food and cloths.

Street Children helping fund for Education

From 2013 we stand beside of roadside children for their education. We are contributing for their educational tools and also cloths in some times.