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How Professional Photo Retouching Can Improve Your Product Photos

The backbone of online business, whether it is fashion, jewelry, or clothing, is visually appealing and high-resolution product images that connect sellers and buyers. Professional photo retouching gives a professional look that attracts the audience’s attention at first glance. Also, you can easily upload those photos to different platforms. 

Are you curious about how retouching enhances product photos and boosts your business sales? This guide is all about product image retouching where you discover –

  • Benefits of high-quality photos,  
  • Reasons behind retouching photos
  • Why do you need to outsource image retouching services and more?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive deep together!

What is a Professional Photo Retouching Service?

Before heading to the main point, let’s understand photo retouching. Photo retouching acts like seasoning a dish. A pinch of it can make an incredible difference to the overall image. It involves making adjustments like removing imperfections, color changes, and contrast after shooting a product photo.

When it comes to professional photo retouching service, it indicates the promise of providing high-quality images with perfect retouching solutions and saving time, effort, and money. It combines an innovative platform with a highly Photoshop expert team.

Are you wondering about how professional retouchers can boost your online sales? To get the answer, focus on the benefits of high-quality photos. For this, scroll down to the next section!

Importance of High-Quality Product Photos

high quality product photo showcase

One study states that high-quality product photos achieved a 94% higher conversion rate compared to lower ones. Meanwhile, 90% of Etsy shoppers said that image quality influences their purchase decisions. 

For more in-depth details, check out the importance of having clear and professional photos on your eCommerce site. 

  • Professional product presentation: High-quality product photos demonstrate its specialty itself and create a positive first impression. Well-coordinated shots with product details, angels, and context convey a sense of professionalism that makes your eCommerce business reliable.
  • Boost brand identity: Consistent, eye-catching, and unique product photography helps you establish a memorable and recognizable brand like others. From the product color to shape, style, and pattern, everything helps you compete with your business rivals. 
  • Increase conversion rates: One study states that the art behind Nike’s product imagery helps earn over 60 million monthly visitors. Providing close-up, 360-degree views or images of the product in use gives consumers confidence in their purchase decision. Also, accurate and clear visuals reduce product return rates. 
  • Customer trust and credibility: Imagine you want to purchase jewelry, but when you click the image, you find it’s low resolution and fades. How does that make you feel about the online site? Attractive visuals are crucial to giving consumers an in-store experience that helps build a strong connection between your product and the consumer. 
  • Encourage sharing: Have you noticed @Starbucks’s official Instagram profile? Every image portrays a story behind it, and these visuals encourage customers to share socially. Also, amazing photos convince audiences to browse more and buy it now.

In the visually driven world, “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” 

Now that you’ve enough product photography importance, let’s move to retouching: why should you consider it for your eCommerce business? 

Why Should You Consider Retouch Your Photos?

women thinking why one should consider retouching photos

As we all know, top-rated online jewelry stores specialize in showcasing unique designs and fine-cutting gemstone necklaces. Imagine you want to launch your latest collections. For this, you photograph each piece against a backdrop of soft light to capture the brilliance and intricacy.

However, after reviewing the photos, you notice the gemstones aren’t sparkling as brightly. Also, dust particles and fingerprints are visible on the surfaces, and shadows hide the details of the metalwork. 

This is where the magic of photo retouching comes to enhance the sparkle of gemstones, remove distracting shadows, and give an elegant look. For more details, let’s check out below: 

1. Camera Limitations:

  • Exposure issues: Cameras like smartphones sometimes struggle with high-dynamic-range product photos. Here, Photoshop experts retouch photos by balancing the exposure and adding details (shadows and highlights).
  • Lens distortion: DSLR cameras with wide-angle lenses can cause distortion at the edges of the frame. Retouching helps to fix the distortions.
  • Color accuracy: When cameras misinterpret lighting conditions, it is unable to capture actual product color. Retouching adjusts the white balance and gives a true-to-life color.
  • Focus and sharpness: Often best cameras miss focus in the low-light conditions or the challenging ones. Here, retouching works as a saver. It improves the image quality by enhancing sharpness and clarity.

2. Artistic vision:

Professionally retouched commercial photography attracts potential customers to your site. Viewers can zoom in to check details they care for. Basically, users love high-quality photos that push your brand search rankings up.

3. Cropping & alignment:

Retouching enhances the photo’s balance and focus and makes it visually appealing to consumers. After resizing or cropping, the retouchers save images in several formats that are suitable for different channels. 

Note: Shopify needs the highest resolution product images and will resize images.

4. Unintended objects:

Background removal is popular for removing unwanted objects from a frame. Retouching here adds extra value by focusing on the main object and highlighting the core parts.

5. Clarity & texture:

Retouching enhances details and highlights the natural outlook of products that might be lost due to camera limitations. 

Feeling motivated to outsource professional photo retouching service? Before that, let’s delve into some of its key benefits in the next section!

Benefits of Professional Photo Retouching

Professional image retouching offers different advantages over AI photo retouching, such as –

1. Visual appeal

Professional Photoshop experts smoothen skin, remove blemishes, sharpen facial or product features, optimize contrast, and many other techniques to create polished and flawless visuals. Also, it helps you to retouch some minor tweaking model looks which is essential for lifestyle product photography.

2. Flawless portraits or headshots

Professional retouchers add wonders to headshots or portrait photography by removing unintended objects and making other edits. With these photo editing techniques, the photos get a natural outlook that grabs consumers’ attention most.

3. Boost social media engagement

Product photos are crucial for social media platforms because they allow businesses to communicate with their target consumers. Every image has its own speciality and story that grab audiences attention to the brand’s social page and emphasize interacting via comments and likes. Retouching helps brands to improve the quality, resolution, and portray the best storyline of products that boost brand’s social media strategy.

4. Time & efficiency

Photoshop experts have the skills and tools knowledge that help them to deliver bulk photos on time with quality. That’s why eCommerce businesses, photographers, and individuals outsource photo retouching.

5. Customization

Professional reproduction fulfills every platform’s specific requirements, whether it’s artistic projects, commercial products, or eCommerce website product photos. Adding a personal touch to your product line helps your brand stand out in a crowded market. 

Want to outsource professional image retouching services to boost your eCommerce store sales? Hiring the best photo retouching services allows you to get all retouching solutions in one platform. Check out the next section now to explore more!

Why you Should go for Professional Retouching Services?

women designer working on photoshop

Global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $6.33 trillion in 2024, while digital buyers number 2.71 billion. If you want to convert a satisfied number of people to your online store, you need only fulfill their demands and provide high-quality service. 

Hiring a renowned and professional retouching service provider can take your final product images to the next level. The raw images are not suitable for eCommerce websites. So, to give it an amazing touch and natural look, professional retouching services offer –

1. Remove or change background

Though it is the most common photo edit in the eCommerce business, retouching is necessary to give a professional look, such as matching the background and creating a realistic look.

2. Retouch skin

Are you thinking about how to professionally retouch skin in Photoshop? Skin retouching is all about improving the image appearance like –

  • Removing blemishes, dust, under-eye circles, and so on. 
  • Reducing visible wrinkles, acne, or prone.
  • Highlight clear and unique features.
  • Remove spots and scratches on products (if have any), and so on.

3. Color correction

Most product returns happen when customers don’t get the same product as the one shown in the product image. Color correction gives the product the original color. Retouchers work on white balance, brightness/contrast, and others to fulfill audience demands.

Note: Sometimes professional retouchers change product color by shifting the hue/saturation scale so that customers get a different vibe of the same product.

4. Increase sharpness

Do you plan to launch a new product and want to make it pop up? Retouchers increase sharpness to bring more attention to the image. They also add a sharp surface if it’s missing while shooting to give a positive impression of the brand and product.

5. Shadow

A realistic product shadow makes a storyline and gives dimension and surface details to the audience. Retouchers add drop shadows or paint manually to give it a natural look and grab the audience’s attention at a glance.

6. Remove reflections

Do you plan to start an online jewelry business? Reflections are the main culprits in destroying jewelry’s natural appearance and diverting buyers from the focus point. By removing the reflections, professional photo editors guide the audience to the actual visuals.

7. Crop & straighten

Another most effective photo retouching service is cropping and straightening. This process helps to fix the product image size so that you can upload it to different platforms. Sometimes, you might need to resize an image to fulfill website requirements like Shopify, Amazon, or other giant marketplaces. 

In addition, you can get cost-effective solutions for bulk image retouching, high-quality service, and on-time delivery of images.

Frequently Asked questions

Yes, of course. Outsourcing photo editing is a time-saver and beneficial strategy for businesses, photographers, and individuals who want high-quality product images.

Outsourcing product photo editing is more cost-effective than in-house because it eliminates the extra costs of investing in editing software and hiring staff. That’s why eCommerce business owners, product photographers, and individuals rely on professional image retouching services.

Outsourcing photo editing for photographers is the process of hiring an industry-expert agency or individual to edit their product photos, such as –

  • Color and brightness correction,
  • Shadow making,
  • Image masking,
  • Background removal, and so on.


At the end of the day, a product image highlights your brand reputation, expresses uniqueness, and gives your audience trust to rely on. So, you can’t maintain a long-term relationship with your consumers without quality images. For this, professional photo retouching is a must-have.

Serve the best quality product and get more conversions on your site!

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