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From Setup to Click: Skin Care Product Photography Guideline

How to do skin care product photography? Skin care product photography is also a well-known genre of photography. It means to take pictures of your skin care products like sunscreen and face masks etc. Cosmetic photography is about telling a story, evoking emotions, and making your potential customers feel a connection with your shop. If you want to run a skin care product ecommerce business successfully you have to learn about skin care product photography

However, below I have written a guideline of how to photograph with skin care products. So, let’s learn about it in detail.

Skin Care Product Photography Guideline

Before doing skin care photography you have to learn about the process and tips for it. Follow the guidelines given below to do skin care product photography perfectly.

1. Gather Equipment:

For doing beauty product photography it’s important to have the right equipment. Gather all the equipment in one place that you will need while photographing. Make a list of what equipment you will need during the whole photoshoot then gather them. A camera, lenses, props, tripod, colorful background, lighting, etc are the most important equipment.

2. Clean The Product:

Once you have collected the equipment now it’s time to make your product clean. Products may have dust, dirt and fingerprints. So, before you start any skincare product photography, clean the product really well. Try to wear gloves if you need to move or adjust the product during the shoot. This will help you avoid getting any new fingerprints or dust on the item.

3. Use A Mood Board:

To ensure your creative direction for color, feeling, demographics, and timeline is all in harmony, mood boards will help you. So, create a mood board for reference and deliver your brand’s message. If the shot list is more logistical and administrative in nature, the mood board will be more of a visual representation.

4. Elevate The Product:

If you want to make your product photography look more heroic and imposing try to shoot from slightly below the product. To do this lower the position of your camera or place the product on blocks or other items.

5. Use Beauty Dishes:

For portrait and beauty product photoshoots, you can use a specialized light modifier named Beauty Dish. A beauty dish can produce a unique, evenly diffused, and soft light which can minimize harsh shadows and create a flattering, high-contrast look of image. Beauty dishes come in various sizes like 16 to 30 inches in diameter. It is constructed with a shallow, bowl-like shape.

6. Use Composition Techniques:

We all know that thirds is a composition technique of photography. There are also so many compositions available such as leading lines, juxtaposing colors, and framing. You can also use contrast, juxtaposition, narrative, and emotion to hold the viewer’s attention and guide their eye. Before capturing a photo think about if there are any items that might take your eye out of the frame, distracting highlights, or any other elements that confuse or detract from the message.

7. Use Gradient Lighting:

If you’re photographing with a gloss or reflective surface cosmetics and makeup gradient lighting will make all the difference, no matter which light you are using studio flash or natural light. For harsh and unsightly reflections of an image use a piece of diffusion material or scrim in front of your light or window instead of using a softbox. This will help you to feel luxurious by softening and diffusing the reflections.

8. The Depth Of Field:

For doing skincare product photography it is preferable to be able to see the entire product in focus. In product photography shallow depth of field also can give very creative results. Capturing the whole subject sharp is difficult for small cosmetics and makeup products, even if you’re using the largest aperture. For this problem, you can use the focus stacking technique. Focus stacking will allow you to shoot a series of images at different focus points and merge them together in post-production.

9. Polish everything in post-production:

Post production is the most important step to make your simple image stunning. You may need to edit the color, background, contrast, size etc. Also, you can remove dust, scratch, or any unwanted items from the image in post productionIf you don’t have knowledge about editing and retouching then try to hire a professional photo retouching service provider.

Skin care products photography ideas

Here are some ideas of skin care product photography. They will help you capture a stunning picture of your product.

1. Use Macro Lens For Close-up Shots:

For capturing close-up shots of any skin care product macro lens is the best way. Macro lenses will help you to show the details and textures of the product. Wide angle lens can’t show the details of the product like a macro lens.

2. Use Different Lighting Sources:

For skin care product photography try to use different lighting sources. It will help you to create interesting shadows and highlights on the skincare product. Soft and even light can highlight the details and textures of the product. You can use ring light or a lightbox to create a soft and even light.

3. Experiment Different Camera Angles and Perspectives:

Experiment with different camera angles and perspectives to give a new perspective on the product and make it stand out. Try to shoot from above or on a side. Ensure that you have experimented with suitable different styles for skin care products.

4. Choose A Suitable Background And Color:

In skincare product photoshoot background is the most important part. Choosing the right background is not as easy as it sounds like. Remember to use something that is different and compliments your product. But don’t create any distraction from the product with over-style. Try to use different colored backgrounds or props and play with the color of the product. You can create a contrast with the product and make it stand out with a colorful background.

Skin Care Product Photography Tips

If you follow some tips you can showcase the texture, consistency, and color of the product in an eye-catching way when it comes to creative skin care product photography. The below-given tips will help you to effectively communicate the product’s key features and visually appealing skin care product photos.

1. Be Consistent:

For cosmetic product photography consistency is key. So, try to deliver consistent photos by ensuring your brand identity is cohesive. Your target audience will be confused if you use hard shadows and neon backdrops on one product but natural surroundings on the next.

2. Diverse Your Models:

For e-commerce product photography it is really important to diversify your models. Do not use the same skin tone in every swatch or model shot. If you want to show off color matching or color transfer using the same skin tone can feel alienating to your customers if they see all makeup colors or products on the same type of skin. To ensure each customer can picture your product fitting seamlessly into their lives try to hire experienced models. Also, hire a professional makeup artist who has experience in working with diverse models when using full-body models.

3. Highlight the details:

Remember to highlight every detail of the product so that customers should feel like they know exactly what to expect when purchasing. A detailed view of your products will help customers to learn about the product. It will set you apart while building their purchasing confidence.

4. Capture action shots:

Customers like to see the product in action. As online customers aren’t able to test your product the way they would in a typical IRL shopping trip so you should make your content as a test for them. Customers should learn what it looks like being applied, and how long it takes to absorb or dry from your beauty product photoshoot and video. You should clearly show the texture of your product in the photos or videos.

5. Explore GIFs:

You will be glad to know that GIFs can take your product photos from static to dynamic easily. Quality GIFs can make customers feel confident in knowing how the product will apply when they purchase it. And they are more affordable than videos.


So, these are tips, ideas and guidelines for skin care product photography. Hopefully, you have learned about the process from the article above. If you want to effectively showcase the qualities of your products by creating beautiful and compelling images then you must learn about skin care photography. For creating unique and eye-catching shots remember to experiment with different angles and props. Practice the tips given below with patience to master the art of skincare product photography and then you can also create some stand out pictures of your products.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

If you want to create compelling and informative images try to focus on lighting, composition, background, product arrangement, and post-processing when photographing skin care products.

For running an online business knowing about the target audience is a must. Try to focus on eco-friendliness, luxury, or other aspects of the product to resonate with customers preferences.

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