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Why You Should Invest in Background Removal Services for Your Product Images

Product images are the most crucial element online buyers go through. For higher conversion, eCommerce stores must have a clean, distribution-free product image. Today we will review all the regions why you should invest in background removal services for your product images. You should invest in a background removal service for eCommerce product images for higher sales and attention Because these photos help you get a higher conversion on product pages. It even allows you to optimize product images for SEO and get higher organic traffic. Let’s learn more.

What Is an Image Background Removal Service?

The image background removal service is a service where you remove the background of an image. Moreover, an image editor uses different kinds of software to remove the background of your image. After removing the background, the editor polishes the image. In background removal service, you get to cut out distracting backgrounds a lot quicker. Your subjects stay in place and stay on a transparent background. Alternatively, consider adding solid color instead of a transparent background. Hence it’s called a background removal service.

background removing for bag

What Are the Reasons For Background Removal Services In Product Images?

Below we are going over the reasons for using background removal services in product images. Hence, these are the reasons behind removing the backgrounds of product images. Let’s find it out.

1. Gets Better Sells

According to eCommerce and online retail shops, product images need background removal. Because it increases the sales of that particular product. The background is removed and replaced with white, attracting a higher audience. As a result, you get higher sales. This is why a huge eCommerce platform such as Amazon recommends its seller use a white background. A precise cutout of your subject on a solid white background improves visibility. And it’s the same for other eCommerce platforms.

2. Improved Presentation

When it comes to presentation, you need background removal. Compared to a distracting background, a plain color background improves presentation. At the same time, it helps you to maintain consistency in every product image of your store. On the other hand, product images with different kinds of backgrounds distract the customer. Hence, focusing on the product becomes a lot more challenging. Clipping out distractions in the background helps you present your products more elegantly. It would be best if you experimented with it.

3. Creates Brand Awareness

Keeping your product background simple and plain colored helps build brand awareness. People will start noticing your brand and product. For example, you should have the same background in your fashion products. It works like magic all the time. In addition, creating a brand will help your eCommerce business in the long run because your customers will remember your brand easily and would like to shop from you again. Hence, It’s a huge plus point for any brand owner who wants to build solid brand awareness for their eCommerce.

4. Higher Conversion

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According to several studies, online buyers spend the most time on product images. With a high-quality, background-removed product image, buyers are more likely to convert. Hence, it helps you to get more sales out of any web traffic. Therefore, customers are more likely to inquire. You should remove the background for higher conversion on your eCommerce pages because it helps you gain more profit from every discount or campaign. Plus, it allows you to turn your every traffic into a buying customer.

5. Web Optimization For Organic Traffic

As you remove the distracting background from your product images, it loads faster. We often get to see product image backgrounds with many unwanted elements. Removing the background and replacing it with solid color makes it smaller. Hence, it’s best for the SEO of your website. With lightweight images, your product pages will load a lot faster. Hence, your web visitors get all of the product information and pictures without any waiting time. It’s a huge plus to have. Moreover, eCommerce web pages with fast loading attract higher organic traffic.

Importance of Hiring Background Removal Service for Product Images

background removal for shoes

For spot-on background removal, you must hire professionals because the service providers are the fastest and easiest way to eCommerce wonders. On the other hand, there are better options than doing a huge quantity of image editing when you are a busy store owner or photographer. When you get into a background removal service with a great price, it helps your long run. You only have to spend a little time organizing your product images to send out. Post-processing product images become much easier when the service provider shows you the exact turnover time.

Benefits of Background Removal Service

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You have countless benefits from using background removal services for product images. Among all of the photos, we have highlighted some of the crucial ones. Hence, these benefits help you build a great online store.

  • Easy to Get Sales: Removing the background of product images helps you get sales faster. As the makes get less destruction, the buyers see your product quicker and act accordingly. As online buyers rely solely on the product image for judging the quality, having a plain background is a must.
  • Reduces Cost: Compared to in-house eCommerce photo editing outsourcing your background removal task can save you money. Because you only have to send the photos whenever you want. After a certain period, you get the images at discounted pricing. Ultimately, you save a huge chunk of money in your pocket.
  • Easy Returning: Want more from the result? You could return the image right away. The product background removal services will redo the task and send you again at no extra cost. Moreover, you might get free trials as a new customer in a few service providers. Overall it’s a beneficial feature to have in product image post-processing.
  • Faster Processing: In contrast to in-house photo editors, you get a speedier turnover at outsourcing. Because the platform uses a huge number of editors to keep up with your tight schedule, you get faster turnover and quality editing to keep up with your requirements.


We have gone through all the reasons you should invest in background removal services for your product images. These will convince you to go for outsourcing your product images. A lot of eCommerce store owners have got the results. It’s a cost-effective and fast way to deal with background removal. So, invest in your product image background removal, and you will get a hefty amount of benefits. It’s a must to have a vibrant eCommerce website that attracts new customers. So, get yourself in and start getting quality product images.

Frequently Asked questions

Even though Photoshop is the most professional tool, you might try out others easily. For example, tools such as PicMonkey, and, Canva, and But at the same time, these tools are unsuitable for complex backgrounds. Hence, you can use them for a couple of images.

Use Photoshop to remove the background from product photography. The first one takes a bit of trending to learn the background removal. On the other hand, the second one is an easy-to-use background removal website with a custom background.

For eCommerce platform owners, outsourcing image background removal with Photoshop is the best way. Because you get to cut your costs efficiently and get quality editing. Plus, the turnover time is strict, and you get all the files in time. However, easy background removal tools like Canva are good options if you are looking for simple editing.

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