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10 important tips for better ecommerce product photography

Product photography is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce business. Your product images not only create the first impression of a customer about your store, but it also helps to increase sales. But not many successful ecommerce business owners know how to take an outstanding photograph. In this blog I have shared 10 important tips for better product photography that will help you to take outstanding photograph of your products.

10 most important product photography tips for you-

1. Brightness: The first tip for better product photography

The first tip for better product photography. It is very important to control the brightness of your photo. If your photo is too dark, some details of your product will be difficult to see, and it will make the product look bad. To make sure the photo is not too dark, you can use a light box, or place it under a lamp or outside in the sun. The second tip for better product photography is to use a DSLR camera or a professional camera with a macro lens. If you do not own a professional camera, you can use a mobile phone camera or a camera with a macro lens attached. However, a camera with a macro lens will give you better results. You can use the camera’s automatic setting, or you can use manual mode.

2. Clean up and organize your product

When taking your photos, make sure that your product is clean and organized. Remove unnecessary packaging and make sure that your product is in a place where it is visible and looks good. Your product should be the star of your photo, so let it shine!

3. Remove unwanted backgrounds from your photos

If you are looking for a good way to improve your product photography, you’ve got to remove the unwanted background. It can be tough to get rid of the background without damaging the product or making it look grainy, but there are a few things you can try. One thing that can make it easier is to work with a white background, or a background that is in the same color family as your product. This way, you can easily remove the background and you can color correct it. You could try placing a cutting board or piece of cardboard behind your product and shooting it against a white background. This will help you make a clean cut around your product. Don’t forget to shoot it from a few different angles, so that you can choose the best one later. And if not, you need to hire an image editing company.

4. Use Professional lights

The most important thing in great product photography is your light source. The cheapest and easiest light source is natural sunlight. But it’s hard to control and usually you need to take your photo outdoors. So how to get better photo with artificial light? First of all, you need to decide what effect you want to create. If you want to capture the texture of the object, than you need a light that is going to illuminate it from the top. If you want to create the illusion of the object being suspended in mid-air, then you need to have a light that illuminates the object from below. The final word is, you have to use professional lights to take good quality product photographs.

5. Don't forget to use props

Every product photographer knows that a good photo needs a good background. And a good background is often a clean one. So how to take photos that look professional without a clean background? The most obvious solution is to hire a studio and make one by yourself. But it’s not always that simple. What if you’re using your smartphone or a really small point-and-shoot? Or if you’re taking photos of food, like a cupcake, and you don’t have a studio? You are left with one option: find a prop! A good prop can make your photo look more professional and can help you to get rid of messy backgrounds.

6. Use a tripod to get steady shots

In order to get good photos and make your product photos look good, you need to use a tripod. The problem with taking photos with your hand is that they will be shaky, and that results in a blurry picture. If you don’t have a tripod, you can rest the camera on a flat surface, but this will make your picture appear tilted. The easiest and most reliable way to take steady photos is to use a tripod. A tripod will make your photos look professional and will keep both your camera and your product still and you will get an excellent product photograph.

7. Get your product professionally cleaned and polished

You can easily make your pictures look more appealing by taking care of your product. It’s not a secret that most of the products we buy are sold in stores with a layer of dust on them. It’s quite obvious that these stores don’t care about their products. And not only that, but the dust also affects the way your product will look in your picture. So, in order to make your product look more appealing, make sure to give it a good wash and polish before taking the picture. This is the simple way to improve your product photography.

8. Get close to your product

The most common mistake in product photography is to take a photo of a product at a distance. This makes the product look like it’s not real. The best way to take product photos is to get as close to the product as possible. If you are taking photos of a product that is attached to a surface, such as a video game controller, you can use a macro lens to get a very close-up shot.

9. Know what angles make your product look the best

The best way to improve your product photography is to make sure you know what angles make your product look the best. Sometimes you’ll need to shoot from the ground up to showcase the size of the product. Other times you’ll need to shoot from a lower angle to give the product a more modern look. Figuring out what angles work best for your product will help you make your product look the way you want it to look.

10. Take pictures of your product from different angles

Taking pictures of your product from different angles will give customers a better idea of what the product looks like and help them to see it from different perspectives. It’s a good idea to take a picture of your product from all four sides, especially if you’re selling something that is round or square. You can also create a 3D experience for the customer if you show a picture of the product from the top and then a picture of the product from the bottom. Moreover, later you will get a chance to choose the best photo from here.

It is a fact that first impressions matter. And that is why product photography has become an important part of every business. Product photography allows you to project a professional image of your business and products. And when it comes to product photography there are many things you need to consider in order to get the best results. From lighting to angles and angles to backgrounds, the list is long. We have already discussed these. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our post on 10 tips for product photography. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at Graphic Aid. Thank you for reading!

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