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Manual vs. AI: The Battle of Photo Editing Techniques

AI, as ChatGPT , can never replace manual photo editing services, and I have valid points to prove this statement. Before diving into that, we should ask ourselves whether we can ignore the battle of photo editing techniques between manual and AI. No, we can’t, and we shouldn’t. Why? Well, bear with me till the end of this article, and you will be able to answer it yourself. Even if you have zero knowledge about photo editing, both in manual and AI, it doesn’t matter. In this article, we will be describing such a way that any beginner can understand the scenario.

What is Manual Photo Editing Service?

So let’s start with the definition. Manual photo editing refers to the process of image editing where experts use different tools and software. Software such as Adobe Photoshop CC, GIMP, Photopea, and many more. Image editing experts use tools like Wacom Tablet to edit images more precisely than ever. With their expertise, they work on color, brightness, contrast, and composition in their image editing process. This process is known as a manual photo editing service.

The first steps in manual photo editing are selecting an image and opening it in an editing program. The editor will employ several tools to change the picture, including clone stamps, healing brushes, and layer masks. These edits can be made to the entire image or just certain parts. Additionally, manual editing improves an image by adding text, graphics, or other features. Many services hand-drawn image editing service offers, such as clipping path , background removal ghost mannequin effect , product photo editing, and many more.

What is AI Photo Editing?

AI photo editing refers to the user uploading the image using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, and the image is automatically edited. These algorithms can analyze a picture and modify its different aspects, including color, brightness, contrast, and composition. Uploading a photograph to a software or app that employs AI algorithms to apply automatic modifications to the picture is often the first step in the AI photo editing process. The user may improve the image by making further edits or choosing from various presets. ChatGPT is a trendy AI tool everyone uses nowadays, but it is a text-based AI. Will ChatGPT edit images in the future? It is a question that will remain till it happens. But there are several AI such as Midjourney, DALL E, Autoenhance AI, and many more that work with images. We will talk about their advantages and disadvantages in the next section.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that we got an idea about the two participants of today’s battle let’s jump into some precise points. In these points, we will talk about their pros and cons. It will help us to know more about them, like what they can offer and what they lack to become the winner of today’s battle.

Advantages of manual photo editing

  • Greater precision and control: Hand-drawn image editing gives editors the power to fine-tune particular portions of an image and make specific alterations. As a result, the accuracy and amount of control over the outcome increase.
  • Artistic expression and personal touch: With automated editing software, it might be challenging to add a personal touch and more creative expression to photos. This enables more distinctive and imaginative end effects.
  • Flexibility and Customization: manual image editing is more flexible than AI. Well, this flexibility that we are talking about here is not a static but a dynamic state. With hand drawn process, you can instruct the expert how you want. You can introduce even minor changes to the image, and the expert will do it for you. In this way, the Customization you get will be unique for your image, and the flexibility is a great advantage.

Disadvantages of manual photo editing

  • Time-consuming: If you are busy or need results too quickly, this can be a disadvantage. Sometimes, manual photo editing can be time-consuming, especially for large projects or batches of images. But remember, the more customized the result you want, the more time it will take, or the result will need to be more satisfactory.
  • Require skill and experience: manual photo editing may require more skill and expertise than automated tools and may not be suitable for beginners or those with limited experience.

Advantages of AI photo editing

  • Efficiency: AI photo editing is generally faster and more efficient, using pre-set algorithms and settings to make basic adjustments and corrections to an image.
  • Cost-effective: It is more cost-effective and less dependent on technology as it requires only a computer and internet connection.
  • Consistency:AI photo editing can provide consistent results using pre-set algorithms and settings.

Disadvantages of AI photo editing

  • Lack of precision and control:AI photo editing can lack the precision and control of manual editing, as it may need to be able to make precise adjustments or fine-tune specific areas of an image. Such as, in midjourney, you can generate unique imaginary photos that will look out of the world, but you can’t edit your existing image. On the other hand, with Autoenhance ai, you can edit but will have some predefined filters that you can tweak. You will have limited control over the editing.
  • Limited creativity and artistic expression: It may not be suitable for certain types of images or projects that require a high level of creativity and creative expression.
  • Dependent on the quality of data used: It is only as good as the data it has been trained on, so if the data is of low quality, the results of the editing may be low quality as well.
  • Limited capabilities: Because AI image manipulation remains in its initial phases, it might not be able to correct every technical issue or produce photos with the same degree of accuracy and detail as manual editing.
  • Not suitable for certain types of images: Certain photos, such as fine art, historical photographs, and other images requiring a high level of accuracy and control, may not be suited for AI photo editing.

“A study by the University of California, Berkeley, found that when it comes to image manipulation, people preferred hand drawn edited photos with a slight touch of AI.”

Which one to choose?

Which one should we use, or is there any chance of AI machines like ChatGPT replacing manual photo editing services in the future? Well, hand-drawn image manipulation services are suitable for more intricate and thorough alterations or for producing one-of-a-kind, personalized photographs. Photographers and marketers that desire total creative control over the editing process and wish to produce unique photographs should use it. The customizable ability is a game-changing feature for manual image editing.

On the other hand, AI image manipulation is suitable for making several modifications to an image or for quick and straightforward adjustments. It is perfect for people who wish to improve their photographs fast or need more time or skills to perform more involved modifications. But you can’t have detailed customizable image editing with AI like you will have with manual image editing service providers. And in this competitive digital marketing era where content matters the most, you can’t afford your images to have some predefined alterations done by AI machines like ChatGPT, Midjourney, or Autoenhance ai.


In conclusion, many possibilities for altering and modifying photographs are available in photo editing. Both manual and artificial intelligence (AI) photo editing has specific benefits and drawbacks. Understanding each technique’s advantages and disadvantages will help you choose the best one to meet your needs. Manual picture editing offers greater control and customization choices, while AI photo editing may be quick and convenient. A manual photo editor’s deft touch may unleash an image’s full potential and make it stand out. If you want to improve your photos, think about the advantages of manual picture editing.

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