Photo Masking Service

Photo Masking Service


A professional photographer not only clicks a good and best photo but also do a good editing of the picture. To give a pitch-perfect effect to the photo, photographers retouch the photo with the magic hand of an editor. They completely change the effect, color, and contrast of the photo to give the photo a good look. And even Photoshop does have a specific effect named masking service. This service is for making the photo, to give the base of the photo a perfect, blemish-free editing effect.

Photo masking effect is used in many ways. Some photographers use this effect for background removal; some use it to give a blemish-free facial expression to the photo, and some use it to make a whole makeover of the photo. People use the photo masking service for the soft edge of the photo as for hair, or fluffy cloth etc to remove the background. And it is used with the combination of clipping path technique. For replacing an object in the photo also, this service is used.

There are two types of services. One is clip path technique, that is used for the hard edges and masking service is used for the soft edges of the image, so that you can get a perfect picture after the editorial effect. Masking service has another effect in itself. That is used for the background itself. when clipping technique doesn’t create the flurry image, then the masking service is used for the perfect effect of the background.

The closest color background is another technique of photo masking service. This technique is used for the removal of the object from the background, or to sharpen the edges of the background. But to remove an object from the background, pen tablet is specially made. This technique is special for the removal of an object with a touch of soft edges. The hard area and soft one can be easily blended through this editor. Airbrush size and pressure of the sketch mostly perfects the picture. And it totally depends on the editor of the photo.

There are many services presents in the photo masking service. They are-

Layer Masking Service –

These sorts of masking are known as layer masking. You can get the high-quality Photoshop with a manual style. Not only that, people like you and me, rather than the photographer can also do the same as the perfect picture of photographer only by using this layer masking service. A pen tablet is used here to give your picture a perfectly soft and refined edge only by placing a layer to the picture. You can not only use this technique for perfecting your photo but also to remove the background or any isolated object also. The price of the layer depends on the complexity as well as time.

Hair Masking Service –

Through using this editor, you can easily separate the fur as well as hair from the background of the photo. And pen tablet is also used to make the soft edge of the photo. You can easily apply any color, contrast, exposer, white balance as well as HDR of the photo if needed. This service will make your photo to look better and natural. Clipping path on hair is not in trend. Rather it’s more effective to use masking service.

Channel Masking Service –

Separation of an object is the main highlighted section of the editor. You can separate a total body from the background. And for this reason, this service is known as Alpha Channel Masking service. But keep this in mind; such type of Photo Masking is better with the solid color background. So try to keep the background a solid and single colored.

Transparent Masking Service –

This masking is used for making a transparent object in the photo. Light can only pass through the glass at only 0%-0.5%.  And for this reason, glass, car glass, a bottle of water with plain color, and the color of the water is transparent. That’s why they need to see. And our transparent masking service makes the color visible through masking it. By giving it a solid and single colored background, you can see the transparent object a visible one.

Edge Masking Service –

This sort of masking is used for the perfect edge of the photo. A layer masks and refine radius is used here. To make the fur, hair, cloth, and other objects also to make it more natural this masking is used. You can easily quick choose this masking from the services to make your picture more perfect and natural.

Object Masking Service –

A picture sometimes has an unwanted object in the background. So if your photo has one, then you can easily choose the unwanted object from the picture, use quick selection and remove the object. You can use here layer masking service. This is one of the effective tools that is used for removing deformations of the image.

Color Masking Service –

Cutting the edge of the image, you can put various color combination to your image. And you can avoid the hollow line by using this service. Use pixel to put the color mask on your photo. You can later use exposure correction through this masking. Not only that, you can retouch the photo by using this color masking service.

Through this masking service, you can get the perfect picture by perfect exposure correction, soft edge etc. You can easily use layer masking for the perfect photo. throughout the world, advertising agency, photographers, as well as editors, also use our masking service for perfecting their photo.