Graphic Aid

We are specialized on pre-press and post production service provider. We the people of  Graphic aid serve at a reasonable and affordable price in this competitive field under uncompromising quality and deadline. There is a dedicated team with 45 highly qualified employees whose have a vast knowledge in this field for 10 years above.

Clipping path:
To isolate the product from background we do clipping path or knock out or contouring or tracing.
Multi path or Color path or channel masking:
Color enhancement or select an individual area of a product or image, multi-path or color path or Channel masking is the right procedure to accomplish the purpose.
Isolating or background transparent for the far product or figure from any background, Masking is very important procedure for that.

Neck-joint or Ghost Mannequin:
Image enhancement or replacement of mannequin with back part or neck to make a complete product, neck joint or ghost mannequin works here adequately.

Graphic Aid people are expert retouchers can make a new reflection or shadow  for any product to use Photoshop  tools.
Print Production:
We the people of Graphic Aid do the pre-press work, translation, adaptation or language changes work with the cheapest price.

Color correction:
Graphic Aid people are expert retouchers are using modern Photoshop tools for color correction or color enhancement stuffs for any product.