About Us

Graphic Aid is a Bangladesh based art studio expanding its horizon to the global market. We are an exclusive business specializing in the field of off-shore digital publication services. We also have elaborate capabilities in pre-press services which include:

  1. Clipping Path
  2. Photoshop Masking
  3. Photo Manipulation
  4. Image Retouch
  5. Color- Correction
  6. Image Shadow
  7. Multiple Clipping Path
  8. Image Editing
  9. Channel Masking
  10. Layer Masking and others

A staff of 105 highly capable and enthusiastic individuals with an elaborate studio setup to undertake all relevant pre-press graphic services round the clock – our business in a nutshell. We are a Bangladesh based young venture kicked off in 2010. By the dint of strong work ethics and an impeccable track record of scope delivery, we quickly extended our reach to Central Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Our experts are eager to work with you to cater for your graphic oriented business needs, thereby support your business’ growth. Our business goal is to provide cost effective solution without compromising quality and deadline.

The Area of Expertise for Graphic Aid


Our biggest strength is the way we manage our working ours. In addition to maintaining the local times for our respective branches, we have divided our workload in easily negotiable shifts which makes us most efficient Graphics firm when it comes to neat delivery of the project.

  1. Digital Production
  2. Pre-Press production
Our Infrastructure:

We are the hub of 105 qualified individuals who are the best at what they do. As a Dhaka based studio, we are young in age starting off in 2010. The office is fairly large taking up 2500 sq feet. We work 24/7 and 365 days a year in a friendly, comfortable environment which is encouraging for creative minds like us. By maintaining strong work ethics and ensuring value for money, we have quickly extended our reach to Singapore and Australia.

Graphic Aid is analytical it its approach and as a studio we make use of each and every piece of gear and technology that a modern graphic house should have. That means, there is room for flexibility to adapt with the project demands. Graphic Aid is equally capable in outsourcing and off-shoring any project.